Quick questions to designer Monica Förster during her London visit – now into literature

Monica Förster in the Library under her Depadova lamp

Name & Place: Designer Monica Förster, at the Library of the Swedish Ambassadors’ residence in London during the Swedish Design Goes London Exhibition, 17 September

Current Project: Hard to say, we work on 20-30 projects at the same time, some quicker and some longer.

Next Move? Will see, thats what I am thinking about right now

Current Passion? I’m very much into reading literature these days

Dream Producer? I could not single out anyone. It is always the producer of the next project I am working on, since I’m always interested in learning more, and through each project I learn so many new things, which I get a kick out of, for instance the Gense cutlery project, everything from how to hold the cutlery, to the balance on the plate etc. I learn more about people and their lives through each single project.

Useless design? I do not like things that are without meaning, deep down I am not a big fan of objects, if they are meaningless, it is just a waste of resoures. But of course we need new things around us. Look at music, we always need more songs. And the objects that surround us in our everyday life are important. What you see when you wake up in the morning in your home. It is individual of course, but one should try to choose with ones heart.

Best design? I have no icons, or must-have-things, I want to stay as open and perceptive as possible. There has to be some strong concept in good design. If it is good, it is good.

What is Swedish design to you? The Swedish and Scandinavian heritage is a strong base. Like Ross Lovegrove said “we invented modernism”. But of course today this has developed into something new, with a vital and refreshing diversity.

What is your greatest strength? My curiosity

What is your motivation? My curiosity

Your greatest weakness? My impatience

See Monica answering about her ideas on useless design on YouTube