Visit to the Campana Brothers’ Studio filled with street materials and amusing objects

On the way to the airport in Sao Paulo, we stopped by the Campana Brothers’ Studio. Fernando and Humberto themselves were in Rome. We meet with their General Manager, Ana Paula Moreno. The large three-floor studio was located on a side street, half inside, half outside with tropical plants entering the studio. A real workshop, full of objects and materials they keep collecting. Their staff (8 people) were busy cleaning up old prototypes to be included in a new special institute dedicated to the Campana Brothers. They have really been breaking grounds for Brazilian design and generations to come. A new self esteem, for identity and urban Brazilian culture. Today they are very famous, and create a lot of envy due to their fame. But they remain the wonderful, amusing, sweet and intelligent guys they always were. With the same social engagement. I was careful not to take many photos, since they were not there themselves, and this is usually a sensitive matter.