800 guests, 8 nationalities and 22 speakers during International PechaKucha Night # 32 at Berns

Hur ska kunna fylla hela stora salongen på Berns? Vi hade inte behövt oroa oss, då salen snabbt befolkades till vår stora internationella PechaKucha den 7 februari. Som vanligt under Stockholm Design Week pågick många olika intressanta vernissager och events samtidigt. För andra året i rad hade vi bokat upp Stora Salongen, eftersom vi växt ur nattklubben och auditoriet och ville öppna för så många som möjligt, utan gästlistoro och avgränsningar. 800 räknade personalen till, och på scenen avlöste kända och okända talare varandra. Under kvällen lottade vi även ut en kryssning med VikingLine till Helsingfors den 11-13 juni, som vi ska arrangera som en stor designkryssning tillsammans med SVID och Arkitekturmuseet och i samarbete med VikingLine och World Design Capital Helsinki.

It is quite scary to stand up on the big stage at Berns Grand Salon in Stockholm, where we hosted our volume # 32 of Stockholm PechaKucha Night. 15 meters up to the old ceiling with great chandelliers. But our 22 speakers managed very well overall. Soon you will be able to see al the presentations directly on the common Pecha-Kucha web site . Richard Prime is our special PechaKucha guy, nowadays called Richi-Kuchi, will soon share with you. Aia Jüdes and her friend Soyla were our DJ:s there were the speakers: Swedish journalist David Isaksson started to talk about his research on global happiness, Matti Klenell shared his experience working with glass in Finland, Rianne Koens from Holland wants to create simple products for everyday domestic needs, Jiri Pribyl came on a flying visit from Czech Republic, and then 9 designers from Barcelona entered the stage and shared some of their works. After the break talented Belgian architect Julien De Smedt, working and living in Denmark, made some humorous architectural and serious statements on the role of architecture. Hafsteinn Júliusson from Iceland showed the audience how you can eat as much chips as you want without getting fat (tasty paper chips). Farvash Razavi shared her multiple personality and then Jesper Kouthoofd displayed spacy sound and images fromTeenage Engineering before we met the director of World Design Capital Pekka Timonen who invited us all to Helsinki. The creators behind Hel Yes pop-up restaurant made it to Berns a minute to late to enter the stage, but in time to have a beer with the audience and listen to the DJ:s for a while: Antto Melasniemi, Klaus Haapaniemi and Mia Wallenius. PechaKucha Night is for non profit and was devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.