We will never give up the strive for a Design Museum in Stockholm

Tänk att det ska vara så svårt att få till en arena för form och design i Stockholm. Ett formmuseum, ett designcenter eller vad man vill kalla det. Vad är det som gör att det aldrig går att enas?  Läs mer i min senaste krönika i Dalarnas Tidningar

Always striving for a Design Museum in Stockholm. Since the end of the 19th Century, the Swedish Society of Craft and Design, Svensk Form, have fought for any kind of design or craft museum, design center or whatever we wish to call it. There is a special group of friends for a Design Museum in Stockholm “Formmuseets Vänner” . Between 2007-2009 Svensk Form and several design organisations were deeply involved in collaboration with the City of Stockholm and The Government to create a Design Center at Telelfonplan, where The Royal University of Art and Design, Konstfack is located. The plans were detailed and ready to go. New Governement, Not invented here, and the plans died. So sad, it was really close. Instead the Governement tried to solve the need for a central design arena or meeting place, by giving the Museum of Architecture an extended mission. Svensk Form had been running the official meeting place for Form and Design since year 2008, but in 2009 it went over to the Museum. Despite the dip with Telefonplan, we were still positive, since we all felt the need and the urgency for a common arena in Stockholm, no matter where, and if it could be strengthened, fine with us. However, the Museum has now worked with the extended program since 2009, and we are all still awaiting the final outcome. Now, the name at least will change to declare also the extended mission, including form and design. All suggestions welcome.