In Copehagen celebrating Danish Design Award and meeting with Nordic-Baltic colleagues



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  1. King says:

    Tony, Thank you for your quick answer. The classes I want to send/receive messages from are not necessarily ViewModels. Although in my case, one is and one is a non-GUI related class. From your documentation on the MessageBus:“To make it easy to send and receive messages via the MessageBus, ViewModelBase has two helper methods: ReeevterToRicgiseMessages and SendMessage. ”If that classes are not derived from ViewModelBase, then this won’t work? Am I missing something?BTW Thanks for the framework!

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  10. Dans le genre y a aussi l’air sec… Plus sain, plus propre, mais qui crame toujours autant les poumons. Rassurez vous parents, ça marche aussi avec du pshit pour les chiottes (en protégeant la projection avec un torchon quand même, après l’utilisateur a une… haleine de chiottes!)

  11. Che onore! sono il 100esimo iscritto! la scena è simile a quelle che si vedono nei film, dove in un negozio quando un cliente sta pagando si mettono a suonare le sirene perchè è l’n-esimo cliente A parte gli scherzi, mi fa piacere essere stato inserito in e ti auguro buona fortuna per il progetto, ciao!

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