Well organized annual meeting by Svensk Form Dalarna with grants to Sami Kallio and Martin Liljesand


Lena Andersson, Svensk Form Jämtland

Lena Andersson, Svensk Form Jämtland

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  1. Tory says:

    yay!! the closest independant bookstore is 30 min away (*sigh*the diendvaatagss of living in a tin town) and now i can do some ordering!! yay!btw, a random question: if you were a fruit, what would you be?

  2. yuk olahraga yuk… olahraga enakan yang rame-rame. karena bisa mengganti posisi kalau sudah lelah dibandingkan olahraga individu yang cenderung memang untuk diri sendiri. Hanif selesai posting Tips [Hashtag] Belajar Mencoba

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