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Lotta Ahlvar and her proud team

Lotta Ahlvar and her proud team

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  1. Kory says:

    Never was a lover 7.62×39 either. Its inferior to the US 5.56mm And your wrong AK-101 and AK in 5.56mm had many problems with jamming and or too much gas escaping the system which leads to feeding issues. The Polish Army is dumping the Beryle AK-101 for a new riwle.Hofever I think the AK-74 in 5.45mm is the best of both worlds and 5.45mm can match 5.56mm in many respects.

  2. W tej chwili mój Å›wiat legÅ‚ w gruzach, moje nadzieje zostaÅ‚y zdeptane, a ja naiwna wierzyÅ‚am…Zawsze uważaÅ‚am, że pod tym jakże grzesznym pseudonimem ukrywa siÄ™ i jest autorem wszystkich postów, alter ego, oczywiÅ›cie to lepsze i to bardziej normalne, wspaniaÅ‚ego i wszechmocnego ojca zaÅ‚ożyciela

  3. Roman Quian es un sinberguensa es peon de Carlos Joaquin y ya estan preparando el camino para que el yucateco Carlos Joaquin sea el próximo gobernador, pero Beto no lo quiere, RATAS!!!

  4. If the people of Gujarat have chosen him again and again with a great majority, that means they validate his actions and chief ministership.This includes the muslims also.And the number of fiascoes UPA govt has done so far and resultant loss of face/money to the country is much higher than anything that Narendra Modi is accused of.

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